Dallas Ft. Worth-Killeen

Hello guys, it’s Easy Av and today, we will be flying to Killeen, TX all the way from the big city of Dallas! Right now, we are at Terminal A for today’s flight and I was confident enough to pay for my baggage to get put in the crammed cargo hold. I hope they don’t LOSE my baggage!

After a 8 minute walk, we have finally made it to our gate. Here he is: N206NN, a 8.5 year old E175!

And our seat for today’s 38 minute flight is 4F! It is a First Class seat, so therefore, it has LOTS of legroom and even has a reclining chair and a foot rest.

After Pushback and Taxi, we are ready to takeoff! ROAR!!! Bye Bye Dallas!

After like 2 minutes at cruise, we had to descent. Central Texas is looking pretty good!

Now we are aligned with Runway 15. Let’s prepare for landing!

And after 38 minutes of comfort and a rough landing, Welcome to Killeen!

Now we are parked at the Gate. This flight was amazing and I can’t wait to see you in the next one! Fly High Aviators!
This skit was inspired by Simply Aviation, a Trip Reporter with videos in the criteria of this skit


nice trip report! now i know my airline to fly!

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Yeah! Exactly