Dallas Fort Worth to Anchorage

Flight from DFW to ANC. Not many screenshots, but in my opinion these are some pretty good ones.

Server- Expert
Route- KDFW - PANC
Plane- 789
Livery- American
Time- 6.48

Entering Alaska with a full moon

Final on RW 33

Delta taking off as I taxi to parking

Thanks for checking these out, as always leave feedback on what you though :)


Those are awesome! Thanks for flying a realistic route and aircraft to PANC! American switched to the 788 last summer, but we don’t have that in IF, so this is still realistic.

Again, great shots!


Thank you for the compliments. I’m one of those people who like to make this game realistic


Me too! That’s awesome. I like to be ultra realistic but not the realism police too, you know?


Yeah I know what you mean. Like I like the realistic flight plans, routes, etc.


Ultimate test:

SIDs and STARs too? :)

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Yup all the way! Love SIDS and STARS!

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Sometimes at small airports I can’t find any in the charts and I’m like 😢

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feel free to PM me if you want to continue, lol. You sound nice to fly with 👍


For sure. Could do a group flight sometime!


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Love that moon shot!

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99% realistic imo.

Last summer I was supposed to fly ANC-DFW on standby, which was on the 787-8. However, two days before the flight, they actually switched it to the 787-9.

Unfortunately, they ended up switching back to the 787-8 and the flight was oversold.

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Nice flight I like it

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RIP 😂. Sounds stressful

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Thank you for the compliment. It took a long time not gonna lie

Thank you!

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wow, looks good!
although, the last picture, I feel like you took off from the taxi way?

No this is a delta plane taking off while I’m taxing to parking in the background

It’s at ANC so there is 33 and 25R and L