Dallas Fort Worth (KDFW) to Ronald Reagon Washington National Airport (KDCA) with the DCA 19 River Visual

DFW to DCA in an American 737-800!

At the American airlines terminal at DFW

AAnd takeoff. (no pun intended)

Cruising over the Nashville area (KBNA) at a altitude of 30,000ft

Started descending into KDCA

“Ronald Reagon tower, runway 19 in sight!” With 14th Street bridge in front of me!

'Ronald Reagon tower, AA 1428 is on final runway 19

AAnd touchdown! Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Ronald Reagon Airport where the local time is 3:30pm, we hope you enjoyed your flight with us today and hope to see you again on American airlines.

Thanks, Rye


ohh i love that turn

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