Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Flyout! Partnered with UPS Virtual | 8JUL22 @KDFW [FINISHED]

Again, is that time for pushback or spawn in time?

Oh, didnt understand, it will be spawn time.

Event is in 2 days, make sure to be ready!

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Oh ok thanks

@Txweather can you throw me on an AA 320 or 738. It does not matter which one. I want to get credit with my VA. Gonna have to abandon the FedEx flight.

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Alright, any preference on the flught or just any AA 737 or A320?

Pick your favorite 😁

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AA 737-800 to KDCA ok with you? Its about 2:30

That’s fine

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I’ll take C37, a330-300, aer lingus KDFW-EIDW

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I am sorry but that is not a real flight. You could do an AAL 787 to EIDW instead

Okay, ill take that so, thanks

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Gate 11A | 777-200LR (Emirates) | KDFW-OMDB

May I have this flight please?


New Signups!

@Yashy has taken Emirates Gate D11A to OMDB!
@satirical_lemon has taken American Airlines D33 to EIDW!

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23 hours until the event!

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I am really excited! :)

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I’ll still be coming but just a heads up: if my mom decides we need to run errands or be out for any random reason (including dinner time), I may or may not have to bounce

I’m just saying because you can’t tell when it comes to IF events; randomly everyone needs you for everything 😂

But for now, count me in 100%


strong textI am so sorry to say this @Txweather but there is now no chance I’ll make it so please just completely delete the possibility to change flights

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Its alright, catch you next time! @Se.Mal_aviation

8 hours until the event!

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