Dallas - Fort Worth (DFW) Spotting Showcase!

Hello Everyone,

I took a road trip to Dallas with my family for the weekend. While I was there, I took a few hours to spot at Founders Plaza!
I really hope you enjoy these pictures. My favorite has to be the AA 787 landing.

Please enjoy my photos, and remember to give credit when using and reposting them.
I AM ALWAYS AVAILABLE FOR ADVICE ON PHOTOGRAPHY! Please let me how I can help you with your photo taking!

Before asking me though, see if this article by me answers your questions:

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My previous spotting showcase:

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Stunning pictures as always. You never fail to impress, Jacob!


I really appreciate your kind words. Thanks so much!


No hard feelings to the rest of the community here, but you are probably one of the best spotters on here.


Really good pictures ;)

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Amazing! Love the Eva Air touchdown picture

Holy mackerel 😍. These are beautiful!

I don’t think there is a word to describe how Amazing these pictures are. You did a really good job!

@Kevin @TJ_Moss

Thank Y’all so much! I really appreciate it!


One of the AA 737’s registration looks familiar to me, maybe I’ve been onboard in that aircraft before. Anyways, I like the photos, very good!

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🙄What I meant to say was great job.

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Thanks so much! Bruno, which one of the 737s?

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Every time I am amazed by your pictures


I’m so glad you like them. Thanks for your kind words!

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So many AA planes ! ( not saying it’s bad ) I’m pretty sure it’s your favorite airline :)
My favorite pic is the Eva air 747 touchdown.

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I think it’s N941NN the one that looks familiar to me. I sometimes look at the registration to know how old is the aircraft and if it had a previous owner, just for curiosity. I still remember a few registrations of aircraft I have been on.

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Nice photos mate. Ya got some really great shots there nice job

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Well this was a weekend trip. Dallas is just an AA hub. I actually love United. Thank you for your kind words!

Advise this newb here on some basic tips and which telephoto lenses you recommend!

Really good photos by the way, I enjoyed looking at all of them!

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My favorite is probably the Qantas A380 landing.