Dallas Fort Worth 3D Airport

Image Credit: CN Traveler

Background Information on DFW

DFW is the main airport of the Dallas Fort Worth area (hence the name) and welcomes more than 73 million people every year, making DFW one of the most visited super-hubs in the world. DFW also is a massive economic generator making over $37 billion in revenue a year. DFW became fully operational on January 13, 1974. DFW covers around 27 square miles in space. This airport features 5 terminals and 164 gates. There are 7 total runways in DFW; 17L & 35R, 17C & 35C, 17R & 35L, 18L & 36R, 18R, 36L, 13L & 31R, and finally 13R & 31L.

Why should DFW be 3D?

Personally, I think that DFW should be a 3D airport because a lot of other major 3D airports are present in Texas. DFW ought to be a 3D airport for DFW is a major airport in the U.S. and the world. Airports like Fort Worth alliance are 3D (do not mistake me) are not as major and important like DFW.

I really hope that DFW receives 3D terminals because I like to fly there a lot and other people also would like to, anyway thank you for your time.

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Hiya, @YC-International!

Unfortunately, per the #features category rules, specific airport requests aren’t permitted at this time.

However, with the new editing software slowly being released to more and more individuals, a 3D model of DFW will likely appear sometime soon. That said, please note its sheer size—generally speaking, the bigger the airport, the greater it takes to model it.

Thanks for your understanding!


See highlighted post above please. Thanks!