Dallas dfw expert

Why does everyone hate dallas Fort Worth airport? Because every time it’s on the ifatc schedule it’s never or at least hardly used, bit of a shame really because imo it’s a better better airport than the regular Atlanta


First off, Dallas Fort Worth KDFW is not featured today, it’s Dallas Love Field KDAL. It’s a Southwest FNF, and SWA do not serve KDFW.

Second, the traffic will pick up as more and more users begin their flights. It’s currently:

08:00 EDT (eastern daylight time)
07:00 CDT (central daylight time)
06:00 MDT (mountain daylight time)
05:00 PDT (pacific daylight time)
04:00 ADT (Alaskan daylight time)
02:00 HDT (Hawaiian daylight time)

here in the US. So please be patient, traffic will pick up soon! 😀


Today, is the FNF. It’s the most popular day for flying and controlling. Secondly, DFW isn’t featured today.

Thirdly, when it is the hub, it will be busy. People asked for less North America on the schedule, so you got it. Now everyone is complaining about it…

KDFW is a great airport but Tyler has to feature airport all around the Globe. DFW will be in the schedule eventually.


Oh I’m stupid I thought I read dfw 🤦

DFW not featured today and no one hates DFW.