Daisy Duck, Brasilia and some other stuff - @SBSP (from home)

About 3 weeks ago, I spent 2 consecutive afternoons photographing planes because the weather was super nice and I didn’t have much else to do.

Starting off with the reason I got the camera on the first day, Daisy Duck herself blasting off and banking beautifully to the right.

You may have already seen this photo, but I couldn’t resist not sharing it again.

Next up, Mickey Mouse decided to go after Daisy since Donald wasn’t there and Minnie isn’t allowed at SBSP since she’s an A321. This is also likely my first photo featuring 2 planes!

Seen here is currently the youngest A320neo in Latam Brasil’s fleet doing a wonderful bank after taking off with a pretty high climb rate. The wing shadow over the fuselage definitely gives a nice touch as well.

Next up, this ATR-72 made quite the left bank!

Finishing the day off for this topic, a GOL 737 MAX.

On the following day, we get Latam Brasil’s oldest A320neo thinking it has afterburners, or something like that.

For some reason, I just like this photo.

Later that day, GOL sent this pretty cool special livery.

Finishing off with a super pleasant surprise sent by the Brazilian Air Force. To be completely fair, I didn’t really think I’d ever see an EMB-120 Brasilia flying, let alone spot one!


Even though I’m not Brazilian, but I really like Brazilian airlines. I don’t know why, maybe the livery is interesting for me personally. 😉 Nice. You got some special livery!

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