Daily YouTube Video Ideas

Nice That’s a good one but there’s many other people name with such as Captain Cj Cj Infinite Aviation so be careful lol

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Yeah I saw there were a few people with names like Captain CJ and I don’t want to walk over anyone else’s toes

lol I watch one of them

im a mod for that Captain CJ guy\

Same here XD

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Don’t stress yourself out too much at first. You’ll feel like you’re working too hard for very little views. (Sad reality)

Remember, you want to really impress viewers off the bat… So as a small channel, I’d personally recommend quality over quantity to get the ball rolling!

Not sure on ideas but good luck! Wish you the best with your journey 😊


I’m sorry but all of Swiss001’s videos are really similar and are all VERY mediocre 😂

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Thanks @Dan ,

I really appreciate your advice!

I watch your videos all the time haha

Have a great weekend!

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