Daily Upload Challenge | #022

Hello IFC! For 2023, I will be attempting a daily screenshot challenge, where I upload some new pics of flights I do every day for the entire year, with all pictures taken in the Expert server. Every Monday I will post a map of all my routes so far.
glad to announce I just reached grade 4! Hopefully grade 5 soon!

Today’s flight: (#022)
A short hop from ZBAA to ZSSS with an A330! thank you to @Hamid_RB for the excellent ATC for ZSSS!

At the gate. Very busy today! Happy Chinese New Year!


Approaching final approach

Landing. ATC commented on the beauty of it by expressing their desire to resurface the runway

At the gate. ALMOST as busy as Beijing as you can see!


Can’t see a thing but nice photos 👍

Just a tip:

When taking night-time photos - it might not be a bad idea to then brighten them up a bit in a photo-editing program. But other than that good photos!

Have a great rest of your day!
~ Ben