Daily Upload Challenge | #011

Hello IFC! For 2023, I will be attempting a daily screenshot challenge, where I upload some new pics of flights I do every day for the entire year, with all pictures taken in the Expert server. Every Monday I will post a map of all my routes so far.

Today’s flight: (#011)
A short 2 and a half hour flight from VHHH to RKSI. The airport was surprisingly moderately busy upon my arrival, considering one of the world tour’s legs was going on.

Taxiing onto a runway

If it were a race, I beat that plane

The beautiful scenic departure out of VHHH

On the crosswind approach on 33L

Parked at the gate. I love the diversity you can get with Infinite Flight’s fleets

See you tomorrow!


hoi cat plane

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hoi hawaiian plane

Landing lovely (most random IFC reply ever)

Well if you saw the actual landing… it sure wasn’t pretty! All the crosswinds made my plane tip like a boat!