Daily Upload Challenge | #006

Hello IFC! For 2023, I will be attempting a daily screenshot challenge, where I upload some new pics of flights I do every day for the entire year, with all pictures taken in the Expert server.

Today’s flight: (#006)
A normally 2 hour flight KDEN to KSFO with a United 777! A great widebody short-haul! A special thanks to @LeoC for the amazing ATC service!

Taxiing at Denver with ATC looking down at me from above

Vrooming out

Cruising over USA. I think I see a McDonalds down there, I might get the plane through the drive thru

My first attempt at landing at KSFO. Failed due to being misalligned and too low

My successful landing at KSFO. @LeoC (probably) thought it was the best landing of their life

At the gate

Even though the flight is usually 2 hours, the vectoring and go around led to the amount being around 40% longer (┬┬﹏┬┬)
See you tomorrow!


Dang, did you have flaps 20 on that landing? Bet the approach was pretty fast 😬😬

Beautiful shots!

It was a misclick, I slid it too far. I had entered the glideslope at quite an angle and was focusing on that 😵‍💫😵‍💫

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