Daher TBM 910

This Sums this topic:)

My other one was the 940 but I want this one just as bad:)

Top Speed:
Max Payload:
Takeoff range:
2,380 ft
1,730 nm

Have you got an idea on what are the differences between each Other? You can compare everything between the current TBM. 😉

Any more detail?

I don’t find this needed in Infinite Flight, as it is almost identical to the others. To be honest, it would be a not very smart decision for the developers by using resources that could be used on other, more highly requested aircraft. The TBM-930 is honestly perfect how it is, and I don’t think we need a duplicate variant of it.

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Cockpit, speed, performance, Range

I could agree. We just got the TBM-930 and this is almost is exactly the same. It wouldn’t be worth the Devs and designers time to add. They could work on more highly requested aircraft like A350, Antonov 225 and etc.

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Not the Antonov 225, the Antonov 124 😎. Back on topic anyways!

The 910 and 930 are identical. Same engine, same airframe, same performance. The only difference is in the avionics.

Please take a look at our vast selection of feature requests to get an idea of the information you should include. This request was very minimal and lacking. Thanks for the help and understanding!