Dadh 8 q400 physics rework

I don’t know or were it’s true that dash 8q400 in real lands at 90-85 kts? Does anybody know about the real approach speed of dash 8 q400 because in some game like pc flight simulator when I approached runway I was maintaining 85-95 kts the plane stalled. Does really bombardier dash 8 needs rework in physics or is it normal if the approach speed is 85-95 kts?

I landed today dash 8 in 130 kts the plane did a hard landings or was not able to descend correctly to the runway for touchdown. Either I have to reduce to 85kts to touchdown. Do please help me or does this topic need to be opened for dash 8 rework…


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Hello, Please continue here!

As the Dash 8 isn’t necessarily one of the ‘newer’ aircraft there are going to be some physics differences compared to real life, as with all other older aircraft :)

As mentioned above you can vote for a rework of the Dash-8 in the features category.
For the time the plane has no rework there is a very helpful tutorial on YouTube on how to land the Dash-8 in Infinite Flight.

You don’t need to reduce to 85 kts to land the Dash. Usually 110-115 works perfect for me


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