Daallo Airlines Airbus A321-100 lands with hole in fuselage

Interesting… Somalia, hole in aircraft, I think I know what’s happening…

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Wow, fortunately the plane didn’t crashed, they know the cause?

Im glad that Flydubai flies to Somalia now :)

Dang. I wonder what made it explode.

One People possibly died because of this accident

There goes the a321 saftey record


Atleast it was on the ground.

But how did it pass the detectors?

That’s why I posted it

Somalia is a very pirated country, so anything could of happened to get that bomb on that plane. Do you know if it that was before takeoff or after, at its destination?

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Shortly after takeoff. Wasn’t a very powerful bomb either killed one man in the blast.

Seems like the aircraft had an explosion on board 20 minutes after takeoff. Investigators confirmed it was a suicide bomber.
Reported two injured and a burnt body fell of the aircraft, a Airbus A321-100.

That’s pretty scary right there

I am sorry, but “Somali” and “Airline” in the same sentence probably rarely ends up being a good thing.


And that’s why your comment is allowed even though it may be deemed offensive.

The CPC must have gone on strike after this…😂