DAAG Approach

Hi everyone,
I was controlling DAAG Approach.
I’m terribly sorry for causing long approach and my poor service.
I still need to improve my controlling skill, so please forgive me my poor approach service.
Thank you for stopping by and watching my live stream everyone.
I hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy.
Have a nice flight everyone.



I was approaching the airport just before the controller switch, and there were a lot of aircraft, and it is very understandable how that could happen. It did not look very easy to control, so don’t worry about it.


Your approach line was still really good. Don’t overthink it, I mean you just controlled FNF single runway approach alone. That is a challenge itself.


Was all good, no worries! Thanks for doing your best.

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We forgive you. It’s a serious challenge trying to funnel an FNF’s worth of aircraft into one runway. You should be thanked for that. When I realised the approach line, I completely understood knowing how busy it is, especially with the current pandemic and FNF. I wish you well!

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No worries :) Thank you for the great ATC service!


It is no issue. We all get challenges and sometimes they over take us. As a specialist for IFATC, I was actually very inspired by your approach and now I’m very excited to get to the point I can do approach!

Stay safe as well!


Don’t worry buddy you did a good job getting all those planes in a good approach line it’s not your fault it’s so busy

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