Da Golden Hour Shot💛

Hello IFC, Here’s another quick edit I have done again. #AFKLMGang. Enjoy!

Route: No Route
Aircraft: Blue 787 Dutch boi

What do you think?
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Anyways, I will see you guys later. As in Dutch Tot ziens (Bye Bye)



Lol nice picture! If you want some constructive criticism, I’d say maybe tone down the vibrancy/saturation a tiny bit but even still it’s awesome. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks Very appreciated😁. The thing is I didn’t use vibrancy nor saturation but I can put it to negative if I wanted to.

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Looks impressive!! Nice editing.

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Wow its looks beautiful!

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This is special but cool in fact

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Thank you, I appreciate it :D

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Thanks as well I didn’t see your comment at first Smh lol