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Hello and welcome to my ATC Tracking Thread. I am looking for feedback on my ATC communications and my sequencing control. My goal is to use this to gain valuable knowledge for my practical exam and possibly learn more to pass to get a passing grade on my written exam. I would prefer if you could do pattern work but if you are looking to depart the airspace that is fine as well. All I ask is that you use proper commands and if I have any issues you can give me feedback here on here or in my DMs if you would prefer.

Status: Closed
Airport: N/A
Server: Training
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I’ll stop by in a sec.

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Thank you! Sorry for some other people not really following the NOTAM but nothing I can do about that.

Also, for future reference, try not to open small, popular, terrain filled airports like LOWI. They will cause major problems with terrain to worry about, aircraft being too large, people not coming for the tracking thread but for the sake of it, et cetera.

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Hi there ! I was United 17 , heres your feedback for today’s session.

[17:03:43Z] - Back taxi Runway 26 , line up and wait , is not wrong , but what would of been more efficient was that you would clear me for takeoff instead since no one was coming for some time. Cleared for takeoff also allows an pilot to back taxi aswell.

[17:06:08Z] Clearance was good.

[17:06:25Z] - No need to tell me to enter left downwind as you already told me from takeoff " make left traffic "

[17:08:13Z] - Theres no need here to extend my downwind here , no issues with separations or anyone was nearby me.

[17:08:54Z] - Here I should get an " turn base " command not enter left base , as you extended my downwind.

[17:10:54Z] - The use of continue inbound is fine here , however Channex 32 Heavy must still get an pattern entry before entering the pattern . In this case it should of been " enter right base runway 26 " , then you can clear him with " Number 1 Runway 26 cleared to land. "

[17:11:50Z] - I should of received an exit runway command below 70 knots , but none was given , Since I was already exiting the runway a frequency changes should of been given , but none. When I did get an frequency change I should gotten a frequency change to unicom instead.

Summary - All in all some improvements can be made from this. And also may I suggest to open airports that have parallel runways for example ( KIND , KSDF , KDTW , KAUS ) and many more aswell , as in the practical ( test ) this is part of what you’ll be tested on. LOWI has heavy terrain on both sides and patterns can be hard to do here ( hence the tight turns I was making ) .


The Perfect ATC Test - I suggest you watch this first then go over the other resources at this will get you an good rundown of the basics.

Ending Remarks - Theses resources should help you improves on controlling for ATC . I hope you use them to your advantage also the whole ATC Manual aswell. Have an nice rest of your day / night :)


Thank you for your time and all the extremely helpful suggestions and resources! I will take note of all this and will make sure to improve.

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No problem .

Excuse my embarrassing crash.


  • I’ve already reminded you of the airport choice, see my last reply.

  • Late T&G Clearances. No one else was on the pattern, so it is best to clear as soon as you’re able.

  • Missing T&G clearance on one of the patterns. Please double check before anyone lands.

  • “Make left traffic” not needed after each T&G clearance. I’ve already been assigned one on takeoff. Only do so after a runway change and entering the airspace.

  • No need to send duplicate messages to Tomjet 420. Immediate takeoff instruction is not needed.

That’s all I’ve got for you. Hope to see you another session.

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Regarding the left traffic command, I had tried to get you your late T&G clearance but you already touched down so that was completely my bad. Also, I was wanting the Tomjet to take off before you would be at minimum 2nm away and since you were quite fast soI wanted him to do it quickly so you would not need to go around but he was not moving and seemed to have had connection issues after I gave him another instruction. Though, I must thank both you and @Nee for your extremely helpful advice and time today on my first actual ATC session in almost 2 years. I hope to see you both sometime later in another session with more improvement and of course a better airport selection. Thanks!

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I am now open at OTHH. Please read the original post for more information

Thank you to all that flew at OTHH! If you could leave your suggestions on what I should be improving on and any mistakes I made it during the session it would be wonderful.

Hi there, I was American 9818. Very nicely done overall, here are a couple of thoughts for improvements.

  • The transition altitude was far too high, usually you can do 2000ft AAL rounded up to the next 500ft, which in this case would have been 2000ft or 2500ft.
  • When I called inbound, correct procedure would have been to give me a pattern entry (in this case “Enter right downwind 34R” and then clear me for landing.
  • When I reported my position on my last pattern I just did so to give you the information that I was going for a full stop; there’s generally no need to renew the clearance after a position report.

Hope this is helpful! Would be great to see you stopping by at my tracking threat as well at some point :-)

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