D13 LTFM Issue

I just landed in Istanbul after a long flight from Atlanta and a taxi to gate D 13 but the jet bridge didn’t connect in fact it actually set up the stairs truck

Device: iPhone X
Operating system:iOS 15.4
IF Update 22.4.1

Hey there, I’ve just spawned in at gate D13 and it appears that there’s no issue on my end.

That’s weird maybe try flying in from somewhere else because it happened to me after I flew in from Atlanta

I can see a big discrepancy in where Ethan parked and where Wiz parked (spawned), I’m sure that has something to do with it. Ethan, did you park on the centerline and stop at the stop bars? It doesn’t appear that you did, you look left of the center.

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I just looked at the replay it looks like it was on center line and it stopped at one of the stop bars

Ahhh, you were a little far back though. Personally I would have pulled up closer which would put you at the first or second stop line from the terminal.

Eagle eyed observation, Chris. It appears that even though you’re on the centreline, stopping short will prompt the stairs to spawn as opposed to the jet bridges swinging out.

Nonetheless, it appears that there’s no issue with the airport itself, rather, the plane was stopped far short of where it’s supposed to be.


Thanks Wiz!