D-Day WW2 Memorial Flypast @ EGKB - 091900ZJUN16

Thats a shame, but if you do please post the pics / vids here so we can take a look? im really hoping this takes off and that we can arrange more Memorial Flypasts around the whole If globe.

Will do. Stay tuned.

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@AR_AR this is for you

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These events will truly be eventful when more warbirds come! :D


We should never forget those who have fought so bravely for the freedom of the many nations occupied by the then Nazi Germany

The planes didn’t do much on D-Day (cmiiw), when especially the bombers overshot and missed their targets

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Maybe, but there´s a story about Josef Priller. He flew his Fw 190A-8 with his wingman Heinz Wodarczyk , straffed Sword beach, and headed back to their bases. This was confirmed in both book and film of “The Longest Day”.
On the same day, four Fw 190s shot down 4 Avro Lancasters, while the Attack Wing 54 attacked several times the British beach heads.

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Oh my bad for the poor phrasing

I meant the Allied aircraft

I believe the Hawker Typhoon caused a lot of mess between the German troops.



Right, thanks for clarifying! Always a little stuff people don’t know about war here and there ;)

No problem MVIII.

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Just to add a little somthing to this, this link is just what the RAF done on the 6th June and there was a lot more in build up as well. On 6 June, ADGB flew 1,246 sorties, part of a total of almost 3,500 sorties between last light 5 June and last light 8 June. Operating in conjunction with 2nd TAF fighter Squadrons, ADGB Spitfire Squadrons flew 363 low cover sorties over landing area itself. The ADGB Squadrons also assisted in escorting the glider and tug combinations during Operation MALLARD on the evening of 6 June.


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I suppose you want a Henkel 230 too? I wish I could come cause I used to be in love with general Rommel

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Hi @Sam1, would be great to see you there, why cant you come? if there were more options from all sides for planes I would have them in, personally i love the ME109 and was lucky enough to meet both a spit and an ME109 pilot at the same air show a few years ago. it was good to see they where friends and understaood it was thire job at the time. Didnt seem to be to many hard feelings.


Hi all, I’ll be keeping an eye on the weather today so fingers crossed it will stay ok as we would need to rethink if we have anymore than 10knt crosswinds. See you all later and should things change I’ll get it posted ASAP

I will be around for this

Good, hope fully there will be enough of us to make it a nice flight.

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I need to get some more experience so I can join things like this, looks fun!

@drewa9 dosent matter about experiance, come along anyways the p-38 is the easier of the two to fly so come in that.

I’ll set a reminder to try and join if I am slow at work.

Please do would be great to see you there.

Thanks for the invitation! You can count with a Spitfire as your wingman. Call sign MF2.
Blue skies :)