D-ATIS function

What does D-ATIS do? I’m sorry I couldn’t find it in the user guide.

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It reads out the atis before you get to the destination. Like the ATC text just you can see if from across the world! :)


Ypu’ll find the atis of any airport which is active on airport info. In map. Where you see metar

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Dang, that’s really cool

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Instead of listning when in range, you can pre plan. Also when spawning in an airport, Atis is displayed

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Does the D stand for Digital?

Yes. It stands for digital


Make sure you still listen to atis when in close range. For 2 reason.

  1. atis can be changed
  2. it’ll not read out your atis info when talking to ATC. So the controller knows you have latest info. If you dont tune into atis it’ll not say to controller.

Do anyone have the list of airports with D-ATIS enabled? I try to find but seem nothing pop up. Thanks! ;))


Hey Anthony, welcome to the IFC

To answer your question, D-ATIS is available at every airport but they must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must have an ATIS frequency (not all have one)
  2. Is controlled (blue airports)
  3. Must be on the expert server (ATIS is available here)

Right now as of 0133Z, airports that have a D-ATIS are WSSS, WMKK, VHHH, and VTBS

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Lucas, anyone, Ive been looking for this in the Flying Gide but I can’t find no reference to it. Do you or anyone know where the use of D-ATIS is written?

I found this on google D-ATIS and its pretty much the written out version of ATIS that you would listen into

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I finally found D-ATIS in IF: as pilot click on the blue dot of the airport 🔵 Then click on WX There you see the D-ATIS. See screenshot below

The conditions for D-ATIS to be available are mentioned above in Lucas’ post.

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I’m not sure if this is the right thread to post in, however I have a question about D-ATIS that I’m hoping someone can answer.

Regarding D-ATIS, does reading it via the map now replace me having to tune in to ATIS frequency when approaching an airfield? Before D-ATIS’s implementation I would tune into the airfield’s atis frequency before contacting tower and call inbound with information alpha, bravo, etc. Is it still recommended to contact tower stating my acknowledgment of the ATIS via tuning in to the frequency, or does it not matter whether I state that I have information alpha, bravo, etc?

Before calling into a Tower or approach frequency you should tune into ATIS frequency in case it was updated. But if your tuned into centre, most likely the ATIS frequency is still out of range. So that’s when you would use D-ATIS. Hope that helps :)

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^So does D-ATIS not update when the ATIS frequency gets updated?

Also my question wasn’t really about when I would use D-ATIS, I’m more so wondering if IFATC require and/or prefers pilots to state that they’ve acknowledged ATIS via the frequency rather than not stating anything at all via D-ATIS.

Yes, D-ATIS do get updated. However, when you call inbound to tower, it won’t say “inbound with information…”

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Right, I already understand that.

This was my question though:

Oh sorry, so yes because every time the ATIS letter changes, it means that the ATIS changed. You always want to have the latest ATIS. If you are tuned into the tower already and the ATIS gets updated, the tower will notify everyone. Hope this helps :)


I agree that it’s good practice to monitor the wind info before landing, but use the D-ATIS for this. As I understand it, D-ATIS is fully in sync with the radio ATIS. So unless we see this confirmed in the pilot manual, I believe you just switch Center > (Approach >) Tower; don’t switch to ATIS frequency in between.

As to @Moosehead08’s point, I believe the answer is no, you don’t have to report ‘inbound with information xxx’. Tower will assume you have read the D-ATIS.

And then:

Three points:

  • D-ATIS is in sync with ATIS
  • as controller, when I update my ATIS, and the update is only minimal weather changes, I don’t always broadcast this to traffic on Tower.
  • In IF we don’t clear aircrafts with the latest wind info. So when on final, make it practice to check once more your D-ATIS to ensure you have the latest weather info.