D-ATIS for ATC Tracking Thread


As I’m scrolling through many user’s ATC tracking threads, I see some people have a D-ATIS included when they are open. What is the best way to make an ATIS for a small airport, I’ve tried Googling it, but sometimes the ATIS doesn’t show up for the airport I want to control.

Any suggestions?


A good way to choose runways and make an ATIS for your thread is by looking at the METAR in game. You want to favor runways that have a headwind component.

For example, let’s say we are at KBWI, if the winds are coming from 330°, you want to favor runways 33L and R as runway numbers are based on the heading they face.

NOTAMs most likely won’t be important in a tracking thread but the runway usage is a great tool to get started

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Okay, makes sense.

For more information, please refer to section 4 of the ATC manual. This covers runway usage, as well as the meaning of all the remarks and NOTAMs.

Happy controlling!

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I guarantee Infinite ATC is how most of us make our ATIS in the tracking threads.

Cign :)

Is linked below:


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