D-AIRY's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ EDDK

Hello other IF Fans,

as I´m trying to improve and practice ATC Skills and to provide you with more realism in the Simulator im opening up EDDK right now. Feel free to join and do some patterns if you like.
Afterwards I´m more than happy about Feedback from your side.

See you.


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looking forward to it :)

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Hey there!
I was just flying a few patterns in the TBM and wanted to give you some feedback.
Positive feedback first:

  • The transition altitude of 3.000ft was correct
  • The “Extend Downwind” command was pretty useful in the situation with the intersecting runways but you could have called my base a little earlier

Things you should work on:

  • Every aircraft that is intending to land on a runway or perform a touch and go requires a pattern entry (unless the aircraft was cleared for an approach by a radar controller) and a clearance.
  • After my transition I called inbound for touch and go. You immediately cleared me for the option (which is the correct clearance btw) but you need to send a pattern entry first (in this case “Enter left downwind runway 32L”).
  • After my first touch and go I wanted to do another one but I never received a clearance. Aircraft need a clearance to land on a runway or do a touch and go.
    If an aircraft is doing touch and goes it requires a new clearance after every T&G.
  • There was an aircraft requesting a transition at FL290. Tower’s airspace only extends 5000ft AAL vertically (so in this case up to 5300ft). This is why can’t clear an aircraft for a transition at FL290. (The aircraft also shouldn’t even contact you.
  • The “Cleared for immediate takeoff” command should only be used if absolutely necessary. In this case there was no traffic on final or anywhere near the aircraft, so a normal takeoff clearance would have been the better choice.

There are still a few thing you need to work on. I would suggest to watch some tutorials on Youtube and read over the ATC manual.
Good luck!
Nils :)

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Hello Nils,

great! First of all thank you for your valuable feedback. I will take it into account.
I shouldnt have missed that transition request. About that i´m a little angry;)
Would love to do that again later and i will of course try to improve on your advices.

Have a nice evening.

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