Czechoslovaki’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

I’m already feeling confident with my ATC skills but I just wanted to make sure I am prepared for the IFATC tests.


Pattern Work and inbounds allowed.

Runways In Use:

RWY 26L and 26R



Feedback encouraged!


I will be there soon!

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Sadly I have school but for the next

Sorry I’m having network issues trying my hardest!

Are you the AC 742?

No I am stuck on the loading screen. I’m switching from WiFi to cellular now

I told some guy to go to 26R and he taxied through the terminals.

Welcome to training seever


Hey if u need help w atc i gotchu

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Sorry folks will be inactive for 15 minutes

Hello, I came by for one pattern.

The hold position was unnecessary. You could have simply told me to “give way” to the aircraft.

Everything was good. However, you should have taken advantage of the second runway. Rather than having a Cub and an A318 in the pattern on the same runway, clear me for takeoff with right traffic, and then give me the right downwind entry for runway 26R. So while this isn’t a requirement, it saves a lot of effort to take full advantage of the materials at your disposal.

Clearance should be earlier, same with the re-sequence. When you noticed me taking an early crosswind turn, you could have:
1: sent me the Extend Upwind Colman’s
2: Sequenced me right away behind G-BENW
3: Sequenced G-BENW right away behind me.

Keep practicing! Hope to you see on the practical soon!

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Ok I’m opening up again

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Very good work, you are very well concentrated!
I didn’t see any mistakes, keep it up and you’ll get to IFATC very easy

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Realised I forgot your feedback! 🤭 I’ve had a busy week!

Some things I need to tell you after watching the replay.

  • transition altitude was a bit too high. 2500ft should be enough as the airport elevation only was 20ft.

  • Always allow a pilot to change frequency if he or she is departing or exiting the airspace. When I requested departure to the north, you won’t know if i’ll be either returning or exiting the airspace. I didn’t receive a frq change. :(

That’s it! I enjoyed the session. Cya next time for practice!

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Open at Hamburg!

Edit: Now Closed

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Heey mr. Czechoslovaki,

Sorry for the very very late response. I’m not the greatest person to bear in mind my tasks. Another unfortunate thing is that I’ve lost my replays as I needed to delete the app from my device. However, I was able to take some screens before this happened so here is all I have:

The first thing that is forgotten by many people: Do not mention again “make left/right traffic” If they have already been instructed to do that.

Secondly, you kept in mind what I told you earlier :) allowing a frq change to whoever is a departing aircraft is a plus.

And the last feedback, I was inbound for t/g so nothing wrong but i’d have liked if you put me on a right downwind 05 instead of a base. I did not see any traffic around so me on the downwind allows me to lose some altitude and do my usual thingy. The base instruction was not bad at all but it’s just to remind you of the possibilities.

Question? Ask.

Cya next time 💪

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