Czech Republic to buy American made Helicopters

NATO Member Czech Republic said on Tuesday November 12th, that they would buy 12 helicopters from the United States. These helicopters will replace its aging MI-24. The aircraft of choice? Eight Bell UH-1Ys and eight Bell AH-1Zs. Both originating from the Huey family. The Czech Republic joined NATO in the 1999. Since the fall of communism in Eastern Europe the Czechs have relied heavily on old Soviet Union vehicles, weapons and aircraft. “The Army needs new helicopters. The son we get rid of our dependence of Russian technology the better” Defense Minister Lubomir Metnar said in a statement. The Total cost of everything comes to 630 million dollars (USD). The Czechs will get their aircraft by 2023.



No offense, but I don’t think there is much point of there being a thread about military helicopters in a game mostly about airliners in somehting quite insignificant. It’s also only 12 helicopters, its not like this is a world revolutionizing deal.
Edit: And then I noticed your username was Rotorsguy lol.

And helicopters are not part of aviation?

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Quite interesting that they have been using the old Russian stuff for so long.

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Good riddance too. That helicopter is OLD.

Helicopters play a huge roll in the aviation industry. Everything from EMS to taking people to their work. We are allowed post real world topic about aviation hint the reason why its in the real world aviation category…

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A lot of Eastern European countries still use Soviet made aircraft, vehicles weapons ect. It’s impressive.

Soviet anthem intensifies

They will never leave us…

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This is cool news, and I think totally relevant to the Real World Aviation category.

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Yeah kinda is since yea know… Real World and Aviation? Lol


Definitely a wise purchase…I still think the Hind is cool, though.

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