Czech Airlines Callsign

Hi all,

I am making this topic to request the addition of the Czech Airlines Callsign into the Sim. I am not requesting Czech Airlines liveries, those can be found at the following links:

Instead, I am just requesting the addition of the Czech Airlines callsign into the callsign selection menu in the app. So what is the callsign? Simply CSA, pronounced as C-S-A (The way an English professor would spell it out, not Charlie-Sierra-Alpha). This is obviously not a major change, nor is it absolutely necessary, but it is something that would be nice to have.


No, CSA Air (Iron Air) is this:

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No. That is not the correct airline. I am talking about the Czech Flag Carrier.

Also, top line of the Wikipedia article linked by @Altaria55 above:

Not to be confused with CSA Czech Airlines.


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Ah, alright. Thanks for letting me know.

Well, then this is a needed callsign to implement.

Thank you for making it clear is wasn’t a livery request, as a lot of people would’ve gotten it confused I bet. 😂

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This would be great to have, however we can just have ‘CSA’ in the general aviation callsign section, and it would be ‘Charlie Sierra Alpha’


Yes, I am aware of that possibility (and if you saw me flying around you’d see that that’s what I use, my callsign is CSA31NT), but as I mentioned in the original post this isn’t a necessity, it’d just be a nice addition to those of us from the Czech Republic, and other fans of Czech Airlines :)



Yeah, was just pointing it out as I do it too! 😂 I am Slovak and so I would love to see Czech Airlines getting some recognition into the sim!