Czech Airlines Airbus A319 "Wow Prague" livery


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I see what you did there

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That’s cuz he’s a Savage 😂

Let’s see if people vote the second one as No :P

No thanks I don’t like Prague

Lets (At least I) hope that people don’t. (60% of people voted for it.)

I can’t edit the another one to be no.

Damn that hurts…

When your Yes is the second option, well, people treat it as a No xD

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you wont be able to after a certain amount of time with it being active.

But lets imagine that the first one is no. 😉

Hahaha damn… The loves count for real though xD

Nice poll, like a boss.

Anyways City of Magic… Are they complementing Hogwarts? Hahaha

Complementing is not Complimenting

The poll is totally useless if used that way. Just scrap it if you give no fair choice, I was ready to smash the ‘No’ option when I noticed your bastardity :)

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Hahaha use the second one as No! 😂

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Fair play

I can’t do a thing about it anymore.

Fair enough