Czech Airlines A319 (old livery)

With 9 A319s on their fleet, the old livery of CSA would look quite well on the A319.
CSA is one of the oldest airlines in the world to still be flying.

Link to the image.


Always counting on you @Sturmovik to find the most unknown & strange airlines.

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I wouldn’t say its unknown, one of the oldest airlines in the world can’t be unknown. Maybe its because of their small fleet.

Brings back a few memories, would love to see this added, great livery, IMHO.

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I think I flew on it when I was younger. So it would be great if it was added.

I used to see it all the time, from memory I think it used to fly into Dublin (don’t quote me if I’m wrong :) if it didn’t I probably used to spot it when flying to the UK)

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Unknown in Oz, at least ;)

I prefer the new livery, the older one’s not as good to be honest.

How old, lol.

I think it has 90 years.

I think it’s CSA, not CZA.

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Alright time to bring this thread back alive, I love this livery and Czech Airlines is a historic airline and that livery is a historic livery, first established in the 1920’s, it makes it one of the oldest planes ever. I think this is worth another look at.

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