CYYZ RWY 5 Arrivals @ Dixie Road - 5/6/18

Stopped by CYYZ earlier today to spot for about an hour during the evening rush, here are some of the planes I caught. Before you bash me too much, I don’t own a real camera so I just used my phone camera (iPhone 6S). If they’re not of quality the mods can take it down.

LO41, inbound from Warsaw (EPWA), Boeing 787-8 (SP-LRC)

HU7975, inbound from Beijing (ZBAA), Boeing 787-9 (B-1343 // Brown Kung Fu Panda)

AC2, inbound from Tokyo (RJTT), Boeing 777-300ER (C-FIVS // Old Livery)

AC85, inbound from Tel Aviv (LLBG), Boeing 787-9 (C-FRTG // New Livery)

AC62, inbound from Seoul (RKSI), Boeing 787-9 (C-FRSO // Old Livery)

CZ311, inbound from Guangzhou (ZGGG), Boeing 777-300ER (B-7183)

TS281, inbound from Barcelona (LEBL), Airbus A330-200 (C-GGTS)

DE2402, inbound from Frankfurt (EDDF), Boeing 767-300ER (D-ABUT)

AC7111, inbound from Montreal (CYUL), Boeing 777-300ER (C-FJZS // New Livery)

WS4, inbound from London (EGKK), Boeing 767-300ER (C-FOGT)

AC168, inbound from Edmonton (CYEG), Boeing 737 MAX 8 (C-FSJH)

And this overedited Dash 8 from the morning (Don’t remember the info)


Amazing shots you got there. Especially love the last one!


Thanks for the kind words!

Wow! Incredible shots! I really need to go spotting again myself.

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You used a phone?! I can’t even tell…those pictures are great!


@AndrewWu very good shots!

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The last photo is my favorite

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I never knew AC operated a 737MAX.

Nice looking plane there.

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Thank you! Spotting is a thrill for sure

Thanks, it means a lot

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Thank you! I appreciate it

It’s fairly new for sure. So quiet too

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It definently turned out better than I expected!

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As a fellow Torontonian,always love photos from the airport! Great job…

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Thanks! Toronto is a great airport to spot at

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Those are some great photos. I couldn’t even tell you took them on an iPhone! Great work. :)

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Thanks, glad you like them!

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Where do you spot from on Dixie Road? The only adequate place I could find to spot myself was the Timmies and Wendy’s on Airport Road.

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Wow, you got these on a 6S??!! Incredible.

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I’m not from Toronto, I just happened to be there for a weekend trip, but I’ve heard the Wendy’s on Airport Road is the best place to spot at YYZ (That’s Runway 23). On Dixie Road, it’s a little confusing. There’s a Petro Canada (I think that’s what it’s called) next to a motel at a corner to the left of runway 5. If you drive from that corner towards the runway (heading Southeast), after about 0.2 miles you’ll find what seems to be an area with many trucks and some brick buildings (I think it’s called director’s gate). You can turn right there and park. Then, you’ll need to cross Dixie, it’s 3 lanes each direction but there’s traffic lights and a median so it’s manageable. After that, you can stand on that sidewalk there if you have a camera with high zoom or move closer to the runway centerline (it’s obvious where that is, trust me). There are a lot of lampposts so be careful when taking pictures, and don’t stand in the bus stop or the buses will stop for you (happened twice in an hour; it’s awkward). You can also park alongside Dixie Road going Northwest but according to some YYZ spotters the police will come after you. Some people parked there and a few police passed by and they didn’t seem to care. If you need any more info, just ask!