CYYZ | Runway 23 (Airport Road) Arrivals | August 24th, 2018 | Featuring a Surprise Visitor!

Hello IFC! Guess what! It’s another Toronto session! By a phone spotter! Don’t click away. After my flight in from Salt Lake City on the SkyTeam B738, I spent around 35 minutes on Airport Road, one of the most famous spotting locations in North America. I don’t know exactly how to link the location but there is a Wendy’s and a Petro Canada, and on the opposite side of the Petro Canada than the Wendy’s there’s a parking lot and a set of a few rocks next to some bushes. Standing on the rocks helps ensure you don’t get any trucks or cars blocking the aircraft. It’s also a super embarrassing spot because the road’s so busy but there’s always people there who are also spotting. Also, this may or may not be my last phone spotting session as I’m in the market for a new DSLR.

Location: CYYZ, Airport Road (Runway 23)
Equipment: iPhone 6S
Time: 1650Z-1735Z, August 24th, 2018

Alright, let’s get started with the pictures. I went for a more over-edited style look this time, tell me if you like this look better or my standard, realistic look better.

Went to Get Some Rice, Decided He Liked Maple Syrup Better

Flight: AC11
Origin: Montreal (CYUL)
Aircraft: B787-8
Registration: C-GHQQ
Age: 3.7 years
Comments: It’s a diversion, albeit not a very interesting one. AC11 took off from Montreal towards Shanghai 17 minutes late, and flew for just about two hours before turning around and flying to Toronto. It diverted because of an electrical generator failure, and CYYZ was selected as the best airport to replace the aircraft.

Backlit Rouge

Flight: AC1901 (Rouge)
Origin: Athens (LGAV)
Aircraft: B767-300ER
Registration: C-FMWU
Age: 22.9 years
Comments: I know, you never want to combine “backlit” and “plane spotting”, but this one was taken as I was pulling into the parking lot and didn’t have time to get set. It was actually taken out of the window of a moving car, and I wasn’t going to keep it but I edited it and really liked it. Also this 767 used to fly for Air Canada before being painted in Rouge colors in 2014. 767s must be one of my favorite planes to spot. They fit really well into the frame unlike a 777 or A340 and they look really nice in any light.

The Surprise


Flight: RAG100 (No IATA Code for this flight)
Origin: Montreal (CYUL)
Aircraft: B737-200
Registration: C-FFAL
Age: 39.3 years
Comments: By far the oldest plane I’ve spotted. Nearly 40 years is just insane. Didn’t show up on the arrival board for CYYZ on FR24 so I didn’t even know it was coming until I was randomly clicking around and suddenly clicked on this one. It’s also a screamer. If you’ve heard a Mad Dog, this has the same engines but it sounds different, the closest plane I could equate this to is the 757-200 with the RB211s turned up to 747 volume. This particular one was delivered to Air Tanzania before being transferred to Trans Air Congo in 2002, Falconbridge Ventures of Africa in 2004, Xstrata Canada Corporation in 2007, and it currently operates for Glencore Canada Corporation which is just a rename of Xstrata. If you’ve spotted at CYYZ before, you know they use all 3 (almost) parallel runways together, and if you’re at 23, 24L and R aren’t going to visible. I don’t think I’ve ever cared more about which runway a plane was going to land on (except maybe the QR A350-1000), but luckily it came to the North side.

Love this livery a LOT



Flight: LO41
Origin: Warsaw (EPWA)
Aircraft: B787-8
Registration: SP-LRH
Age: 1.2 years
Comments: Is the LOT joke old yet? Yes? Ok sorry. But anyways it’s the “Proud to fly the Polish Olympic Team” sticker! And there’s two pictures here because I couldn’t decide on one!

Hey, I’ve seen you before

Flight: TS315
Origin: Rome (LIRF)
Aircraft: A330-200
Registration: C-GGTS
Age: 19.6 years
Comments: Last time I spotted at CYYZ I saw this one in from Barcelona. This guy has a bit of a weird history. After being leased by an unknown source to Transat, it’s been leased from Transat to XL Airways and Garuda a total of 8 times. I love the look of this A330 though, Air Transat’s are some of the best looking A330s in my opinion.

The Best of the West(Jet)

Flight: WS4
Origin: London (EGKK)
Aircraft: B767-300ER
Registration: C-GOGN
Age: 24.1 years
Comments: This is an ex-Qantas 767! Literally every 767 in Canada is so old!

WOW!! @Transport_Hub

Flight: WW213
Origin: Reykjavik (BIKF)
Aircraft: A321-200
Registration: TF-JOY
Age: 24.1 years
Comments: WOW has the best registrations. First time catching WOW! Last time I was using the bathroom when it landed.


Flight: AC110
Origin: Vancouver (CYVR)
Aircraft: A321-200
Registration: C-GJWO
Age: 16.0 years
Comments: And the only new livery I caught, weirdly. And only one of three Air Canada flights. This livery fits so well on this aircraft (or any aircraft-love it).

Last and (probably) Least

Flight: AC1124
Origin: Saskatoon (CYXE)
Aircraft: E190
Registration: C-FLWK
Age: 11.2 years
Comments: Nothing really to say about this one. Just an Embraer. And sorry for the lower resolution, I may have started falling off the rock when taking this one.

Well, that’s it. Probably my last phone spotting session. How’d you guys like this new style? I still love Toronto as a spotting airport. A ton of variety and frequent operations. The only thing is you kind of have to get lucky with your timing if you won’t be there that long as a runway will be all arrivals for like 20 minutes then switch to all departures and CYYZ has a massive fence (15 feet, probably) and a jet blast blocker (don’t know the technical term) so it’s hard to get taxis and line ups without a DSLR and some editing skills, so for phone spotters it’s arrivals only. The weather in Toronto can be a little iffy, especially lighting, so be aware of that. I’m going to try to make it back out here again next year, but this is probably my last spotting topic of the year.


Stunning Pictures! Really like how you put the emphasis on each aircraft.

@Danman - look! It’s your hometown airport 😛😂


Im an honest person so I will have to say that these pictures look slightly unrealistic and poor quality due to the settings in your camera or editing, to the point it looks like the planes have been photoshopped onto a background. Hopefully you can act on this and improve in the future or not as that’s your choice but nice shots none the less and I appreciate your effort. Your previous pictures with the usual style is far better in my opinion.


Thanks for being honest. As far as camera settings it’s a phone so I don’t really have many settings to adjust. I’ll taking your advice, though.


I like it! Although, I think if they were unedited they would still look amazing. Maybe put out the unedited ones (of a new session) and edit your favorite pic from that session (but still have the original pic) a bit like this, just the last post is the edited one. Nice work on the editing! It must’ve taken hours to edit each post. Thanks for sharing your skills!

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Thank you! Each pic was like 15 minutes or less, I used Snapseed (for mobile) and I had a long car ride. As for not editing, a phone doesn’t zoom well so I would need to crop here and there and generally the sensor, especially in iPhones doesn’t do the greatest at picking up color especially with a light color like an old livery ACA. But other than that I will consider what you’ve said!

I’ve mistaken it for a fighter at one point (I don’t spend much time listening to planes)

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Me neither. I can’t even identify them by sound. And yeah I could see that happening especially towards the upper N1s


The first AC 787 is gorgeous!!

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Thanks! That’s the one I liked best too, so I put it first :)

I can, yeah I’ve been spending too much time at the airport.😅 Anyway great photos! It’s not everyday you get surprised by a near 40 year-old 737-200.


Yeah I know! I think it would be cool to be able to identify by sound, I just don’t live near or go to the airport enough.

Yes it’s a VERY old joke! 😐


A great selection of shots! A bit over-edited IMO, but they are all definitely eye-catching!

I like the editing you applied to the photos!!! Makes them pop! My favorite was the 737-200, it’s such a unique aircraft! I had the opportunity to see one in Hawaii when I visited in 2016, it was so cool!!!

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And you can bet I’ll keep using it :)

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Thanks! Yeah, I think I went a little crazy, just wanted to try something new haha, I’ll tone it down next time.

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It’s really cool! They were flying around in Hawaii and I almost saw one when I went but just barely missed it (wasn’t really spotting).

Those are some great pictures, but, and I speak purely from opinion, but I would prefer something that may be slightly underedited but looks realistic, than somthing that has been edited to nearly art…

Just my opinion, but great perspective and all the rest… 👍🏻


It’s not my usual style either, just wanted to try it. Thanks for the feedback!

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