CYYZ-OPKC // Boeing B777-200LR // Pakistan International Air

Flight Details

  Server: Expert
  Flight time: 12 hours and 40 minutes
  Plane: Boeing B777-200LR (Pakistan    
  International Air Livery)
  Route: CYYZ-OKPC

@Andy_R (A-NR1) and PIA784 at terminal 3 of Toronto Airport.

A-NR1 taxiing to runway 24R at a busy day at Toronto Airport!

Egypt Air 382 Cleared for take off runway 24R!

A-NR1 holding short at runway 24R, while Qatari is also holding short.

A-NR1 lining up and waiting for departure!

A-NR1 blasting out of Toronto Airport, bound for Karachi!

A-NR1 over the Greenland.

A-NR1 on final for runway 07R, while PIA784 is also on final for runway 07L!

A-NR1 vacating runway 07R, while PIA784 is on a short final!

A-NR1 and PIA784 at the ramp!

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I have yet to fly this livery. Love it! :D


Livery is just 😍😍


I know right, I think PIA is my second favorite livery on the Boeing B777-200LR before The Crystal Luxury Livery 😍

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Thank you soo much @PilotChrisSG!


OPKC in winters is just like a fogland lol

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Lol, I just really love the PIA LIVERY ❤️

Nice pic andy

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Thank you soo much @Kenbert26!

This is absolute beauty of a shot, oh lord…


Yes it is, thank you soo much @ItsBlitz!

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Is it just me or is the PIA green a much more vibrant and lighter shade than the actual livery?

Credit: @Andy_R

Credit: Global Village Space

confusion intensifies

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Great Pictures!

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Thank you soo much @FLIGHT2!

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Damnnnnnn those are some nice photos!

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I think its because of the Lighting.

You should put this in Ask Beta Questions Here but as mentioned in the blog, livery issues can be fixed in a later update.

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That is why we aren’t to post any livery issues in that topic. But the colors should be pretty identical. it’s most likely the photographers editing

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plus the sunrise or sunset effect