CYYZ Approach

ONCE. AGAIN. forgotten by ATC. 1. Other planes from REGIONAL airports were let in WELL BEFORE I WAS RECEIVING VECTORS. I’ll have to find the quote along the lines of, “I didn’t have to send vectors to the airport.” 2. THERE WAS NO warning that approach was closing. 3. I WAS DIVERTED 80 MILES WITHOUT. A. WORD.

I WISH I had the username of the user.

Have a look in the Replay, you can find the controlers name there and contact him/her via PM…
It might have been @TAI

There were a lot of aircrafts that were left stranded. Approach ATC didn’t broadcast any message that he was leaving and abruptly left. Strangely enough, I didn’t receive a notification on screen saying that Approach ain’t active anymore.

Under heavy traffic everything could happen, the load for radar controllers are huge, I understand your frustration but it would be best that it is sorted through PMs.

If this was on expert, please PM me a link to download the replay.

Judging from what I saw, the load wasn’t as heavy as I’ve seen other approach controllers single handedly handle. But oh well, such things happen.

If this was on the expert server, then I can tell you that the Controlers device stopped working in midst of his session… Maybe that is why he didn´t Broadcast the message that he was closing :)


Or something person could’ve happened and he had to rush somewhere as we have to remember the IFATC are volunteers sorta speak and have personal lives too:)


It was me, I controlled CYYZ approach a little while ago.
I’ll DM you. @Michael_Corpus

I was ghosted today while flying on the expert server on approach to CYYZ while flying a right downwind for 23. The reason was apparently “being unable to get in contact with ATC”, I believe this issue may be due to having lost connection for a moment. But I was handed off to the second approach controller, and I promptly pressed “send and switch”. Literally, not a second later, I was ghosted! Could someone help me fix this issue? My call sign was Cargolux 863 Heavy!

As the reason says, contact a mod via PM.

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I was the controller, please contact me and we’ll get it sorted out.

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Thanks man! I’m new here but once I get the ability to PM, will do.

@Bobby can PM you when he has a chance