CYYZ Approach Report Due To Network Problem

I was at cyyz flyjng as h145nj. This was at 8:30cdt. I am on data and aircraft aren’t showing up for me. I was flying east on heading 40. I was at 2100 feet and at a speed of 115.i was reported for failure to maintain safe distance from a aircraft. No planes showed up on my minimap and None showed up in the air. This report was unnecessary. If anyone could plz find the controller tag him in this. I did everything perfectly and shouldn’t have a violation.

@mwe2187 is doing Approach and @ImVegan is doing Ground and Tower.

Can we see a picture of your logbook please as it will say who reported you.

Tha ks. Couldnt find them.

Please PM @mwe2187 for further assistance.

Got it done.