Cyyz airport

Please check taxiways at CYYZ Toronto Lester airport. I don’t believe the taxiways parallel to 33L and 15R are correct. The taxiway dumped me onto the runway but the airport diagram show you can taxi the length of 33-15. If I am wrong people disregard but the chart I was reading showed one continuous taxiway.

This should be a question for @dush19 and his friends, they edit all the airports for us! If they verify that this is a real mistake, then they may chose to update the airport.

Can you be specific as to where along the taxiway you’re describing? You do have to cross a runway if you are taxiing toward 15R from the direction of 33L. Is that what you’re asking? “The taxiways” is a little vague.

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I am part of the airport editing team and I think I may be able to help you out. So that I can advise the other editors of this issue, please be specific about where you are talking about, as @Tim_B said. Thanks.

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Full length taxiway beside 33L and 15R

33L is to rear of aircraft. 15R is ahead. No full length taxi area. Taxiway dumps you on runway at first turn off.

Please check this topic for airport issues Airport Inaccuracies - What should I do?

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Ok thank you for the info.