CYYC-CYCG Spotting.

Hello IFC,

Yes I know its not in the proper category, I still cannot post in Real World Aviation as I am not a member yet. I thought I would share some pictures from my flight from CYCC to CYCG, it was a remote gate departure so I got to go on my first airport bus. The aircraft was a Dash 8-300! There are some other photos I took of planes while I was waiting to board.

Air Canada A320-200

Air Canada A320-200

Air Canada 737 Max 8 (We have three stationed here in Calgary)

Air Canada Q400

WestJet 737-700

Westjet 737-600

Air Canada Q400

Air Canada Dash 8-300


Please wait till you can post in #real-world-aviation:spotting
Before you post about your pictures:) thanks

Did you see the note? I cannot post in it.

I saw it, still like I said above, you should’ve just waited till you could post in the correct category :)

Maybe a regular can move it to the category. These are beautiful photos though especially the first one.

Then i’m afraid you cant post them yet…

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I give a regular permission to move it.

I am sad now.

We don’t have permission to move it becuse you are TL1 :)

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Bruh how long does it take to get Member.

Dont be sad lol just wait until you reach TL2… These are some nice pictures btw

Bruh not to long to be honest just keep beiing active and helping others :)

Aight sounds good.

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Yeah, it doesn’t take long at all @Avronator! Just keep liking, posting, replying, and following the guidelines and you will be there in no time! 😉

Nice pictures!

Hey, there is that restriction for a reason :)
Nice photos though.

Beautiful planes! For anyone else to tell him that it’s in the wrong category, I think he gets it.

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