CYXE Saskatoon ILS

APPR is lining up aircraft 100 ft left of the runway 9 , no cross wind , looks like a glitch.

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Could you please provide a screenshot? It would help us a lot when investigating these issues.


This seems to be a widespread issue.

According to solutions and closing remarks in the topics above, this issue is noted. Now we play the waiting game.

On the bright side, this is the perfect opportunity to practice some GPS and Visual approaches!


Here it is

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Hello , so it is a bug , thanks .

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It seems we are having same problems with some airports

This same thing happened to me and I had to take manual control.

If you change your offset NAV1 course to the runway heading that you can find under the airport information, the ILS will work properly again (of course this is only a temporary fix)

Yes and no. As pointed out above, some airports have issues with the ILS, but the issues differ. For some, the ILS operates normally, it’s just the localizer that doesn’t display properly (e.g VVTS) and at such airports, your suggestion would work because the ILS functions normally.

For some others (e.g. CYXE, WAHI), the issue is with the ILS is way more serious. If you keep APPR mode active all the way down final, it’ll guide you down to areas on the sides of the runway, not to the runway centerline, regardless of what heading you have set in the NAV1 course (CRS1) window. For those airports, adjusting the CRS1 heading must be accompanied by a manual landing - the localizer and glide slope will display correctly, but for some reason, the APPR mode won’t follow the lateral guidance.


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