CYVR to YMML in a 77W

Hi guys! Today, I decided to start a flight from Vancouver Int’l to Melbourne with an Air Canada 777-200LR. The aircraft was fully loaded, with all fuel tanks filled to the brim and the remaining MTOW taken up by passengers and cargo. About ten minutes out (over the western edge of Vancouver Island, halfway between Tofino and Victoria), the windspeed picked up to over 65 knots; about an hour in, I was forced to divert almost directly southwards due to the same headwind climbing above 90 knots, and due to a reduction of airspeed from 537 kts to 451 with both engines pushing 108% power. I lost about 10% of my fuel in one and a half hours of flight, and was just about at the same latitude with Portland when I decided to end my flight and try again, this time with a 787 doglegging via KSFO. Has anyone else had a similar issue with flying from the Pacific Northwest to Oceania? Is there a particular route that mitigates the effect of these headwinds that doesn’t involve tacking on an extra few hours to the flight? Just looking for suggestions here. Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks for your time!

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i faced a similar problem when i did KLAX-YSSY a while back. The winds up there a crazy. never Take off when you have a MTOW. You need to be under MTOW when you take off. This is what i feel

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Well five hours later, and I can suggest 2 8½-9 ish hour flights I’ve done/doing today.

  • VVTS Hanoi - YSSY Sydney. Either use a Vietnam Airlines 787-9, or (what I used), a Jetstar 787-8.

  • VHHH Hong Kong - YSSY Sydney. There are many choices for this, I’m using the A350.

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