CYVR Spotting (April 21st, 2019)

Hey guys. So it’s been a while since I last posted a spotting thread, or on IFC for that matter. If you follow me on instagram (@kmacps91), you’ll have been caught up. But my pictures have definitely improved from the backlit bois from a month ago. So, without further ado, here you are. Please note these have been edited, and please don’t give me flack about overediting.

An Icelandair 757 departs to Reykjavik. Probably my favorite airline to fly this aircraft.

An Air France 777-200 blasts off to Paris.

A Hong Kong Airlines A359 departs off of runway 08R.

Gotta love the queen of the skies!

Cathay Pacific 777-300ER (New Livery)

Korean Air 787 flies off to Seoul.

An Aeromexico 738 off to Mexico City.

Hope ya’ll enjoy. To see all my spotting pictures, be sure to follow me on Instagram (@kmacps91)
Taken with a Canon Rebel XSi and a 75-300mm lens
All pictures are copyrighted


lovely photos, I like the new Cathay Pacific Livery :D

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Thanks there chief

quick question, what camera would you recommend and lense to get since I want to get into planespoting and photography in general?

Currently I use a Canon Powershot sx40 and it has been great, but I want an upgrade

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I would recommend a Canon SL2 or T7, and a 70-300mm lens. But if you have money, get a 100-600mm Sigma lens. My equipment isn’t very good, I’m also in the market for an upgrade

The Cathay Pacific looks like it’s in PMDG

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Haha maybe a bit

Damn great shots!! I think they’re a bit underexposed but they look terrific as hell!

By the way, where in CYVR do you go spotting? I also live in CYVR but couldn’t really find a good spot pun intended lol to do plane spotting. The best one by far is Iona Beach, just to the north of runway 08L.

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Pretty sure this one is at the south terminal spotting platform

@Andy_Chan Isn’t that ur flight yesterday CX819

Ooh I really don’t like the Iona Beach cause it’s backlit as hell. This is at the South Terminal Viewing Platform, which is great for 08R departures (it’s decent for 26L departures). Templeton road has some great shots for arrivals on 26R, and there’s a hill right beside Canada Post in beside the North Runway and you have an amazing view from there, however you need to go on a cloudy / rainy day for that spot or else it’s backlit

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If you have a helluva good lens (600mm), you can spot 26L departures from Coast guard road next to the fuel tanks

Thanks for the place suggestions. I’m not really that of a spotter honestly (not even an avgeek either lol) and I don’t have a good camera to shoot (150mm lens ancient Nikon D80). I’ll try going to the South Terminal Viewing Platform if I have time later ;)

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Yes! I love all of them!
-A fellow British Columbian Boi

Haha yeah thanks!

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@Canadian1337 and @EdgyEugene can I recommend EyeTrapper to you guys he does spotting at YVr also.


Yeah I know him he’s in the YVR spotters group chat

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