CYVR-SBGR pictures

Photos were taken on the Vancouver to Sao Paulo leg of my around the world trip. Photos taken on departure and arrival/approach from 0300Z-1600Z Wednesday June 4th 2019. Flight was done on the expert server

Boeing 787-9 Air Canada



That’s really cool

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the photos are good but the weather changes sort of messed them up.

I think you are referring to the high resolution scenery vs. the lower one. While Vancouver does have HD scenery, South America is still being worked on.

unfortunately I was not referring to the scenery, because I know very well that it is still being worked in South America, but I was talking about the way he mixed the landing and the takeoff, which did not seem very cool.

I don’t quite understand how that has to do with the weather. What I do know is that there was a time difference between takeoff and landing which affected the lighting of the pictures. Nevertheless, these are some nice shots no matter the order of these photos (:

you think I do not know that there was a change in time due to long distance flight, I did not like the way he organized the photos that made this variation of light, it’s just my opinion, so you have every right to like the photo , as I also have the right not to like, I hope you have understood.

I was simply trying to clarify what you meant by ‘weather changes’. If you meant the organization of the pictures, it wasn’t clear. No harsh feelings, I’m not at this for likes.