CYVR - RJAA / B789 (Air Canada)

Today’s afternoon departure from Vancouver (I currently reside here) to evening arrival at Tokyo in the gorgeous Air Canada B787-9 Livery!
Flight time: 9 hours (over Alaska)
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Hope you enjoy this long post of photos & a bonus @ the end…

At Gate in CYVR

Ready for departure with beautiful North Vancouver Mountains behind!


Leaving Vancouver Airspace…

At FL300 & climbing.

Above Alaska @FL360

Sunset; as we prepare for our Top of Decent!

Decending and entering Tokyo Airspace

Moments before turning left base for Runway 16R…

Approaching Runway 16R



At Gate in RJAA

And it’s soo satisfying to see soo many pilots parked their favourite liveries & preparing for departure!! 😍

Last but not the least, The Bonus 👍
To the best office in the skies!! 🍻

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Thank you & much love, peace! ♥️


Great photos, just make sure that next time you don’t pass the 10 photo limit on the #screenshots-and-videos topic

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Thanks buddy for the information! I didn’t knew about that… @Liam06

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Those are some really beautiful shots!

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I know right… 😌
Thank you soo much! @Canadian_Aviator

Seems like a fun flight! Great shots mate. :)

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It is surely a great route…
Thank you soo much! @RileyBozina

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Wow nice photos bro!!!

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Thank you so much!! ❤️
Hope to fly together in the skies soon… @Henry

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