CYVR pictures in the ERJ 175

Hi again guys :) ,
I just had to visit a good friend in CYVR who was ATCing in the training server :) . Let’s just say when he takes the test, he’s going to pass the first time :). Around CYVR , the views are just absolutely amazing :) . The flight was done on the training server, but no matter what server you choose, I definitely recommend checking CYVR out :) . You won’t be disappointed :) .


Cool shots really, and actually a nice little plane! I’ll try it one day!

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Some good shots there!

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What’s with the gear still down at 1000 ft?


These pictures are amazing. Good luck to him🤙🏽😎

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These are amazing shots! The E175 is so underrated, do you agree?


Personal preference. I usually wait until I’m at 2,000 - 3,000 feet to do that :)

That’s rather high but it’s a sim. Whatever floats your boat.