CYVR Center Contact Error

Hello, IFC! Last night, I took off from RKSI inbound for KDTW in a Delta A350, Callsign Delta 158 Heavy. My FPL took me via CYVR airspace, and as the schedule takes us there today, when entering the airspace, I received an on-guard warning from center to contact their frequency at 10:52:04 Zulu. However, I was away from the device for a solid 7 hours as it was an overnight flight. I know that controllers don’t expect you to tune into Center when you are away from your device, but I wanted to know why this happened? I am pretty sure I am not at fault, but I also just want to make sure.

Thanks for the help in advance! 😁

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You don’t have to contact Centre! Perhaps s/he was checking your stats and his/her finger slipped, controllers are human!


@DimitriB would be your guy to contact for this - hopefully it was an innocent slip up!


Wait actually, this is awkward. I might not have been your center controller. If it was at 10:52:04Z, there’s a good chance @Panther might be your guy.


I was not controlling at this time :)

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Oh. Weird. I went back in the slack and thought I saw you on center then. Sorry about that.

Hey, I was your controller. I do not recall what I did but I only on guard if it said active or if it was no more than 5min (as you could be around your device)
If you’re inactive for more than 5min than I will leave you alone.
Apologies if you were on guarded by mistake.
Thanks :)