CYVR - A Disappointment

Dear IFC,

I know like, most topics like these, will be disregarded by the mass and the next time this happens it will go into a mass chaos.

As some of you may know CYVR ATC turned off about 30 minutes ago casing mass hysteria and confusion between all. Both Approach controllers were doing an awesome job vectoring all the planes in the same pattern. This was a pattern that was not hard to follow and was a simple long downwind, base, and a long final.

When the controllers went offline hundreds of played instantly were playing like it was KLAX on the Casual server; even the Training Server would have been more professional!!

The few handful of us that stayed in line were rudely cut in front of and were forced to go around, circle, go slow, or just end the flight. I cannot fathom how IFATC has to be holding our hand every single step of the way, they are here to make the experience better, not just tell you what to do and as soon as they are gone common sense goes right out the cargo hold. The Expert Server is a privilege, not a right. Treat it with respect or get off and join a different flight sim…it’s getting ridiculous.

Learn to fly with pride and responsibility or don’t fly at all.

As Suggested by many down below:

Help keep the IF skies clean and join IFATC!


I was there at the time and I can agree it was atrocious, some people need to go back to the casual server.


I don’t understand these people.

If you go on expert - act like a professional, or at least don’t be a douchebag. If the only motivation for you to be professional is violations, then don’t go to expert, fly on casual or training


I was on the ground watching the radar and I was absolutely apalled at how people were behaving - diving on to the glideslope, coming in too fast, etc…


this was my first flight of the day but i can agree even though there like ton of arrivals


I took off for that airport and saw no Tower and all the planes I said yeaaaa no not today and spawned out


Oh my god this is so true! I was doing a groupflight and an A321 and A330 cut off our entire groupflight and I was forced to circle around and wait for my friend. It was like a casual server


And hard as it is to say thats life, people are in a hurry and sometimes ignorant! Why not join the ATC effort to help out and have more eyes from the tower!

Sorry to see Expert server ending up like this!
Cign :)

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Luckily I was not in game during this time… We do call this the ‘Expert Server’ for a reason, but to see people who are judged by time over skill is a shame, and to be cut of multiple times is just a disappointment indeed, which isn’t responsible for IFATC, but respect between pilots in game. Getting to the runway the fastest isn’t what the aim is, it’s to enjoy yourself with the people around you, and enjoy physically being in the air.

At this point I’d say some kind of positive ‘why not join IFATC’, or ‘Sorry you had this experience’, but there’s a point where people have to pick up the responsibility for themselves, and it’s sad some people simply don’t, and put themselves first before realism, professionalism and respect for the people around them.


I haven’t been to CYVR yet, but I have heard that it’s a mess. Hopefully it clears up soon!

I was inbound to CYVR and I saw the chaos on the map! It was crazy!

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To follow up with Jarrett’s comment, it was such utter chaos. For once use your common sense and be professional. If there are planes landing, clearly after a long line of landing planes in the map, either way or come back at a later time. I love IFATC, don’t get me wrong but they should get their stuff together and control when they’re seeing so many inbounds and departures.

I have nothing against the ATC but it should be a team effort to land safely and keep the traffic moving.

And for those who know they decided to land anyways when there was a plane 500 feet in front of you, keep up your awesome, professional, and courteous manner.


I agree 100%, but sadly no clue how this could be solved. Happens far too often from all the posts we see here on the IFC.

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Keep in mind that IFATC are volunteers and they have lives too. They can’t be controlling for 3 hours straight, so when they end their session other pilots should be courteous and follow the traffic pattern that the previous controller created.

Thank you everyone for the comments so far. As you and I know none of you were the ones cutting, but the very same people that post in the “Pet Peves in IF” topic were the same people that entered the runway before someone landed causing a go-around, the same people were the ones landing literally on top of others… See this message and switch the behavior this is a flight sim not a “Who Can get to the ground first sim”

Also, thank you everyone for the comments. Further comments about IFATC will not be permitted as this is not a topic about IFATC’s behavior.


What annoys me so much is we all want this to change but don’t want to change the EXPERT server requirements, it’s the only thing I can think of to get traffic flow down!

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Whilst I see your point, it’s hard to main consistent control for an airport like this throughout the course of the day as with this many arrivals approach has to be split for a better service, and it becomes overwhelming if one approach controller goes offline, causing the other approach to go offline, causing a knock-on effect for tower and ground frequencies. I controlled earlier today without approach and my frequency was full of duplicate messages, people crucially not following their given sequence, or not maintaining appropriate separation causing many GAs.


I am not inbound to CYVR or anything, but are there atc recommended sids and stars? If there are why aren’t pilots following them? If all the pilots were to follow the sids and stars then we wouldn’t be having this mess in the first place! Please correct me if I am wrong.


I reallley wish the expert server was a much better place. I remember years ago the expert server was like heaven. What is happening like many moderators have said before, is that the expert srrver is going through some changes. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, IF has recieved a large influx of new users that are inexperienced and have not learned as much as we have wich is totalley fine. And that is in fact why we have this community. So we can help others who are having difficulties flying so we can help them become better pilots.

It’s all right to make mistakes as I have made a lot of them to on the expert server wich I believe is the whole point of IF. Expirience, Learn, Get better. That is my motto.

But I see what you mean by not having IFATC for 30 min. It is totalley unacceptable for the ES to turn into a playground with selfish pilots wanting self domination over an airport.

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Definitely agree with this. As @AGForLife said, IFATC are volunteers and, given how absolutely packed the Vancouver airspace is, we needed more experienced members to control today. This was especially true with radar as the arrival runways in use were parallel and required different clearance altitudes in addition to the north side of the airport having mountains.

Ultimately, as we see a topic like this every few weeks(and they are valid topics), integrating the sim with the community becomes more and more important. If I didn’t find the community, I still would’ve made the expert server by now but I would have no idea what a visual approach is or how to deviate from a STAR if an approach controller vectors me otherwise. We can only reach so many people by posting here.

There’s no surefire solution to fix this issue, but addressing it is definitely important to discuss and hopefully to find ways to improve the expert server behavior.