CYUL Montreal missing taxiways and runway 24L

Hello deva thanks for the new amazing 21.4 update we have got it’s amazing but I noticed an bug just now at Montreal CYUL taxied out for RWY 24L to find out that over half of the rwy and taxiway is missing also I have cleared the scenery catche without luck

Hello! Try clearing your Scenary Cache

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This could be due to scenery cache, try giving it a clear in settings. Don’t quote me on this though as I’m not confident. I’m flying into YUL just now, so I can share my side if I see anything.

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Just did that it’s still missing unfortunately

Hmm. Ok, I’ll see if it’s like that on my end when I land. Could be a bug like you said.

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Just for safety do not land at 24L

Try again with a quick reboot of the app. Won’t always fix itself when you do it in-game.


Thanks bud that seemed to solve the problem

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I do this regularly. Clear scenery cache and then restart the app. Helps keep things running smooth. 😁