CYUL Half Underground

Bonjour! CYUL, Montréal’s international airport is half underground. It looks like a very slight mound, like 10 of feet of, sorry, 3.048 metres of dirt were spilled across the northern half of the airport, runways, and gates.

P.S. thank you for fixing KAUN, Auburn California’s small Muni airport. The new starting point still drops your plane, but not far enough for it to register an immediate crash.

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Do you have a stable connection? and if so clear your scenery cache and then restart the app:) should work


This happens to me a lot, usually have to relaunch the game, but if it happens on landing I have to divert

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Nothing is wrong with the airport. Simply a scenery mishap it seems. The airport has already been edited fully. The Airport Editing Team never release airports with unfinished taxiways or other items that the airport has irl. 🙂


Thanks everyone! You all are right, I did see internet drop momentarily on my phone but I didn’t realize I was far enough away on approach that the airport hadn’t loaded yet.

I was using an old phone where screen burn in and running out the processor won’t be an issue if it airs for long flights, but I guess the wifi antenna isn’t up to par either.


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