Cyul 3d? (ifaet)

Hey! I had a little question, does anybody knows if CYUL is being worked on to become 3D? Since IFAET started, some people started to work on airports around the world, and I was just wondering if CYUL was one of them? Is there a place where we can see all in progress 3D airports by IFAET?

Thanks for your help :)

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Go to the scenery editing section


1st: go to the new #scenery-editing topic

2nd: try to find a Canada post and see if you can find CYUL listed as one of the upcoming or wip airports!


According to the map in the topic, CYUL is not currently in progress…


Alright thank you

As a general note, editors may opt to exclude airports from maps that depict WIP fields. The reasons are vast and could be something simple like only a singular object was placed or wanting to build hype upon release.

I am not suggesting that CYUL is a work in progress, but that’s something to consider.


Noted, thank you

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