This first topic after the brake is CYQB-MMUN in the new Air Transat A330-300

Aircraft/ A330
Livery/ Air Transat
Server/ Expert
Flight time/ 4hrs 39min

Spawning in at Quebéc

Roaring Engines as we depart out of CYQB

Climbing over the Saint-Lorenz-Stream

Cruise over NY

Riding down the east coast

Leaving the mainland behind us

First glimpse if Mexico

Crossing over the most beautiful beach I have ever seen in IF

Hard landing after an go around due to strong winds

Arrived in Cancun

Tomorrow’s topic is New York-Georgetown in American 738

So Goodbye enjoy the rest of your day and have a great flight (if you’re doing one)


amazing pics, I guess you live in Quebec. Nice. I’m from Quebec too.

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Wow! Is this a real route (on this plane), I would love to do it!


It is a real route, but it’s done on the Air Transat A321 in real life.

Though they do fly the A330 from nearby Montreal to Cancun on occasions


Nah im swiss


And it’s literally in your bio 😭 , Divider


Just Canton Bern real place is Langenthal

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Yeah but i sont read every bio before i answer

The username tho 🤷🏽‍♂️ Divider

Most people with swiss as username actually live in Switzerland not all , but most

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(10 Charakters)

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Sorry, nice pic

No problem
Btw is it cold in Quebec right now?

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Great shots! Very interesting route too

Yeah, but not snow. I live in Montreal. So for Quebec idk. But nice flight again 😂

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Isnt Montreal in Québec?

we had our first Snow this morning

i think ontario

No, Quebec is a city and a province, so Montreal and Quebec are in Quebec. So hard 😂

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The snow is gone

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Quebec City is a city however Quebec is its own province

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