Cyprus Airways with us again

First A319:
Not mine photo.

Not mine photo.
Not mine photo.
New Cypriot airline Charlie Airlines, created with the participation of Russia’s S7 Group (owned by the airlines, operating under the brand S7 Airlines - “Siberia” and “Globe”), will fly under the brand of Cyprus Airways. This right is received for a period of 10 years based on the results of the tender, told in the S7 Group. Previously called Cyprus Airways flights are operated by the national carrier of Cyprus (ceased to exist at the beginning of 2015).
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WOW! thats lovely, do they only operate A319?


Before 2015 they have A330 but they bankrupt.

Nice to see them back.

Welcome back Cyprus Airways, Great livery.

Looks gorgeous, glad that Cyprus has a new airline.

This is not them actually.

Well it says Cyprus Airways on the fuselage so it’s good enough for me.

Very very nice looking livery , wouldn’t mind showing my support to a #features request for this livery !

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