Cyprus Airways Airbus A319 (New Livery)

Originally saw this on another topic here and it’s beautiful, so I thought it deserves a feature request.


Love the light green paint

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This is a must need!

That’s what got me too.

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I like the different shades of green on it, it really means that much more when you have a nice-looking plane.

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That’s really an awesome looking livery.


What a great livery!

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Isn’t it just…

It’s beautiful. So fresh 👍🏼

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Wow, apparently someone forgot to bump this for the voting system.

I can’t vote for it for some reason, even though I deducted a couple off other things.

Maybe you were demoted from Regular and so you have a lower number of votes.

I like the livery, it has a fresh and natural feel to it. However, not many people use the A319 so I doubt more livery’s will be added to it with the amount already on it.

As this is my home countries airline!. I had to vote!

This is a beautiful livery and should be added!

Have my vote and bringing the topic back from 2017😅



I would love to see this in IF. Cyprus is such a beautiful island, and it would be awesome to have a Cypriot airline to fly there in!

Edit: Voted!


I rate this livery, would love to have it in game 😍


I support it!

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I really like this livery! 👍


Some interesting news about this livery…

Still, it would be cool to fly on the Larnaca - Domodedovo route… even if it is empty!

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Finally a feature request for this beauty. Unfortunately I‘m out out votes but you definitely got my support!

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