CYMX - 757 restricted?

Trying to plan a flight from KDFW to CYMX (Montreal Mirabel) in a B757. In map view, I see a notice that my current airplane is restricted. With runways over 11K feet long, nothing should be restricted. Is there something I missed? I’m on the expert server.

Montréal-Mirabel has been closed since 31 October 2004. That’s probably why.

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If Montreal Mirabel is closed, or open but a Class Delta or Echo, Infinite Flight automatically restricts it to aircraft smaller than a 757. You can see this at Kai Tak (VHXX), an airport which supported the 747 when it was open, but now is listed as closed and an Echo.

This message isn’t meant to keep pilots from spawning at tiny airports in large Jets, but you won’t receive violations for going there. You’ve done your research and know Mirabel is good for a 757, so go ahead and fly there!

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To my knowledge, Mirabel is closed to passenger travel, as it is now a cargo airport. And that’s my mission right now - delivering cargo.

It’s not closed, it gets regular cargo flights…

Maybe ask a mod or something, possibly move this to support?

This is not a topic that needs to be in #support. #support is used for any issues or help needed with Infinite Flight. #live is perfect for this style topic

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Matter of interpretation, did not set out to place this in the wrong channel deliberately.

Anyway, I just landed CYMX in my 757 with no violations. Matter is solved in my book. This thread can be closed.

Thanks to @tomthetank for providing a reason that makes sense.

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CYMX is still a open airport. It no longer receives passenger flights to the airport.

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